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Audio Door Phone
Multi apartment Audio Door Phone
Video Door Phone
Multi Apartment Video Door Phone
Wireless Video Door Phone

Door phone is classified into two types, they are

1. Audio Door Phone
2. Video Door Phone

•In Audio Door Phone the communication is done only through the voice

•In Video Door Phone we can simultaneously hear the voice and view the image of the person standing behind the door.

•Audio door phone is slightly less expensive and requires less maintenance than the video phone.


Audio door phone unit is interfacing with electro mechanical lock system. The main advantage of door phone system is reduces the movement of the people, that is if a person wants to open a door, he/she doesn’t want to open the doer manually, instead they can press a particular button indoor phone system which opens automatically, it is mainly useful for old age or the people who is residing out the 3rd floor wants to open the door at the ground floor automatically. We can place more than one handset in the audio door phone system, such that audio door phone can be available wherever we need that is this handset can be connected parallely. Eg: You can place this handset in your hall as wells as in your bed room.

Multi-Apartment Audio Door Phone system:

This system is mainly used in the Apartments. In multi-apartment audio door phone system we can restrict unwanted entry inside the apartment using “Access-Card system”. In multi apartment audio door system, the owner of the flats/apartments is provided with the particular RF card such that whenever he/she approaches the main door, they have to show RF card to get in or get out.

The main console located in the main door, where the multi apartment’s audio door phone system has control over each floors and each apartment. If there is a visitor for a particular apartments he/she has to press the button in the main console, where the name of the owner in the particular apartment is displayed, and there communication is done through audio, if the owner of the particular apartment wishes the visitor to come, he/she can press the door release button in the handset and the main door is opened.

Video Door Phone

Video door phone is called as video door entry system, video intercom or door phone. Video door phone is stand-alone model, is used at entrance to a buildings, residence, complex, semi-apartment, individual houses, multi storey building and Villa houses.

Traditionally peep-holes and windows are used to see the visitors before opening the door. But they might given an obstructive view.

Video Door Phone is a telephone with a video screen capable of bi-directional video and audio transmission for communication and video door phone let us your take well-informed decision before answering the door. It might be standalone, multi-station and multi-monitor. Hands free models are also available. Other attractive feature is colour picture screen over black and white view. Video door phone is two types, one is monochrome & other is colour.

Video door phone monitors available in different size from 3.5 inches to 10.1 inches monitors. The monitors are available in different technology like LCD, TFT & LED.

Multi-Apartment Video Intercom System:

Multi Apartment Video Intercom system is a security system, mainly used in the Multi apartments, Multi storey buildings. Multi Apartment Video Intercom system is a tailor made and multi apartment’s video intercom system fulfills the need of the customer requirements. Multi apartment’s video intercom system is a two-level restriction system which avoids the strange person entering into our campus. For the owner of the particular apartment he/she is provided with RF card or Finger print to get-in or get-out. Parking area is installed with CCTV camera where we can view using indoor monitor.


Latest video door phone having the facility like crystal clear video image and LED back light screens.

Video door phone having facilities like video clip recordings with micro SD card optional (memory card). If the visitor approaches home when the user not available. Snap shots of the visitor is recorded.

“CAMERA WITH IR/LIGHT ILLUMINATION” facility that is in case of no light (LUX) the person behind the door is clearly displayed in the indoor monitor.

“Secret monitoring with preview from inside” by pressing the secrete key we can knew what is happening outside the door without opening the door without their knowledge.

The outdoor unit is made of metal unit and tampered proof, water proof, weather proof. It’s rating is a IP 66.

In video door phone the outdoor unit is built with CCP (charged coupled device) or CMOS (complementary metal oxide semi conductor)

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